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Potential Client Inquiry

If you are interested in hiring Dunbar Law, please complete the form below.

Submitting this form does not create an attorney-client relationship. Please remember that I may already represent the opposing party in your matter and only answer the questions asked.

Your form has been submitted. Please allow a few business days for a response.

Hiring an Attorney

Inquiry Stage

When potential clients contact us online or by phone, we initiate the intake process. 

We will call or email you to collect necessary information before scheduling your initial appointment. This information includes what type of legal matter you have and who is involved. 

It is very important that we know the names of everyone involved, including people and businesses on your side and the other side of your matter. This often includes the client's spouse or company, the names of the buyer and seller in a transaction, or the names of persons with whom you have a dispute. 

We must run a conflict check to ensure that we do not represent anyone adverse to you, or are otherwise conflicted out of your matter.

      How to expedite scheduling:

  • Provide information about the parties involved upon your first inquiry, and

  • Provide an email address.

Potential client information is confidential. 

If we cannot take your matter, we will let you know. We do not handle criminal or family law matters.

Initial Meeting

We will schedule an initial appointment to discuss your matter. Appointments can be held in our Sandpoint office or over the phone.

Initial appointments, or consultations, are charged at the rate of $300 per hour (see exceptions below). Generally, legal advice is provided throughout the appointment. Advice is the product that we sell, so, we charge for appointments. 

Some matter types are billed at a flat rate, and the flat rate includes the initial appointment. Some flat fee matters include trust and will packages, entity formation for LLCs and corporations, deeds, and  easements. We reserve the right to charge as necessary for your particular matter, and you will be advised of the fee structure for your matter. 


If your matter requires further work and we want to move forward, we will provide you with our engagement agreement, or contract. You can electronically sign or sign on paper. 

For hourly billed matters, we ask for a deposit to be made at the outset of work. Deposit amounts fluctuate based on the nature of the matter. For flat rate matters, we ask for payment at the outset.

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